November 2022

As another winter season begins, we wanted to review with everyone our snow removal operations and point out some changes for 2022-2023.  One thing that has not changed is our availability, ifSnow 1 you need to conduct an operation outside of normal business hours, contact us on our main line or 260-226-1158 emergency number and we will be ready.

First please review our snow clearing priorities map and NOTAM Manager feature map.  This is just a general guideline of our clearing priorities.  They can change based on the snow event, duration, timing, or a request.

Next is a Federal change in Notice to Airmen for field conditions.  Please review our Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment page which also discusses the new Runway Condition Assessment Matrix.  Runway condition codes will be issued for any runway condition other than clear and dry when staff are onsite monitoring an event.

Finally, if you would like to sign up to receive Airport Authority issued NOTAM’s via email, please fill out the form below.  Have a safe and enjoyable winter.