Runway Extension


The DeKalb County Airport is currently in the process of extending runway 9-27 to 7,100 ft. This project has been planned for over two decades. Recently we finished construction on the extension of CR 62 and now earthwork on the east side of the airfield is planned to start on 04/25/2022.  In the interest of sharing the impact to not only based tenants but also the community, below are some high-level preliminary milestones dates.

County Road 62 between CR 29 and 31 was completed in the fall of 2021 and turned over to the County.  The road was built to mitigate the closing of CR 29 between CR 60 and 62, which will take place in April of 2022, and will not reopen.

Earthwork to the east of CR 29 on the extended centerline of the runway will begin around 5/2/2022.  The first step in that process will be the complete removal of the MALSR lighting.  These will not be reinstalled until the completion of the runway extension and will cause our ILS approach minimums for runway 27 to be increased (probably to 200’ ceiling and ¾ mile visibility, although the FAA will have final say with regard to minimums).

Currently, the contractor has proposed that from 6/22/2022 through the 7/14/2022, earthwork will be taking place west of CR 29 up to the current runway pavement.  This will necessitate an artificial shortening of the runway to 4,100 ft. with a displaced threshold.  There will be a closure of the runway for about a working day in order to remove visual markings and lighting and install temporary ones.  During the runway displacement, the ILS approach to 27 will be unavailable but a localizer only and RNAV approaches should still be viable options.

Upon completion of this phase of construction the runway will be reopened to the full 5,000 ft. (but for one day closure to restore all original markings and lighting) and precision approaches with higher minimums will be reinstated until the actual runway pavement installation which should happen in 2023.  We will post the most up to date information here, including the construction schedule we have been provided, so be sure to check there frequently.


Posted April 2, 2022



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